Tips For Replacing an Ignition Coil

4 tips for replacing an ignition coil. Its easy to follow.
replace and ignition coil is easy

Replacing an ignition coil by yourself is simple and inexpensive, and here are some tips for replacing an ignition coil.

  1. Replace all ignition coils at the same time to prevent future misfires from old ignition coils in vehicle. Ignition coils from one brand does not always work well with other brand; so, Installing different brand of ignition coils in one engine is not recommended.
  2. Disconnect the battery and wait for engine to completely cool down before attempting the installation as a safety precaution. Do not try to touch an active as it causes danger burns.
  3. Apply dielectric grease on the rubber bottoms of ignition coils before you plug them in. We recommended you use dielectric grease but its a not an requirement.
  4. Change the ignition spark plugs and wire sets at the same time. If you do not want to replace them, please check the service manual to make sure the resistance specifications are still working.

We recommend that you to consult a professional mechanic before you start.