When Should You Replace Ignition Coils?

When should you replace your ignition coil

Many people do not know when they should replace Ignition coils of their vehicle. Ignition coils would fail due to age, overuse or simply manufacture defects. The material can crack or melt due to the heat from the electrical terminals. Replace your ignition coils as soon as your car starts showing signs of misfire, the engine check light appears or if your vehicle manual suggest that you change them after a period of time.

Why and When do you replace your ignition coil
Replace old ignition coil to a new one

The symptoms of defective coils depends on the car in question. It could be a misfire, backfiring, burnt gasoline smell, or starting issues when your “Check Engine Light” turns on. This will appear on the dashboard as a CEL. Prolonged engine misfire will destroy the catalytic converter and can lead to engine detonation.

When you replace your ignition coils, it is best to have them replaced all at once. Keep in mind that if one of the coils goes defective, then the others are probably going to be defective in the near future.

The number of ignition coils in the car depends on the car engine, model and year. Do not assume all vehicles are the same. Consulting with a professional Mechanic is always recommended.

ENA ignition coils are good for DIY and car builder, and here is how to replace an ignition coil.